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Welcome to the Cities by Mode page here on Metro Route Atlas. Unlike the primary Cities portal, this page is sorted alphabetically by geographic area (not by country) and goes by mode, using the templates located on the city pages. This page ONLY shows cities that have a page here on this website.

As with the primary cities page, Airport People Movers and people movers not used primarily for mass transit will not be covered here. In addition, as before, the BRT label is only applied for systems that follow the BRT standard. Well-branded express, limited stop, and rapid buses with exclusive bus lanes do not automatically qualify as BRT. A list of BRT corridors on this website can be found at the BRT List. For more information on the mode icons as well as mode subcategories, see Modes. Note that mode definitions depend on the country. Country-specific terms for our common subcategories will be in (parenthesis).

Flags use the SVG from Wikipedia directly.

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Cities by Administrative Division - Canada


Cities by Administrative Division - Dominican Republic

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Cities by Administrative Division - Guatemala

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Cities by Administrative Division - Mexico

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