Vinkelgast Transit

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Overview - 009 Vinkelgast Transit

Vinkelgast Transit is proud to operate throughout the southeast, connecting you to wherever you need to go with our convenient transit oriented development light metro service and our regional railway network. With new city sectors all built to be within walking distance of our stations, we ensure exceptional coverage and reliable service.

Design Methodology

In a severe reaction to town growth doing strange things on my prior map, this time I decided that I should be the one to build towns.

The end result was that I was manually building out towns, as one might expect. This turned out to be... interesting, given that I was micromanaging a regional network with oversized trains and infrastructure (yet not enough throughput) as well as town building with unprofitable lines and messy feeders for forcing town growth. It got very repetitive, very quickly, and so I stopped.

Still, it was an interesting experiment, especially since I told myself that I'd never upgrade the railways, and wanted to do fully interlined services on a 'national rail' network (spoiler alert: the map was abandoned before the third tier of rail was made available in-game). It seems that trying to optimize rail networks for throughput always ends up with me getting dissatisfied. Maybe I need to change my perceived win condition for this game from engineering and design optimization to something else...

Last Updated: May 16, 2022