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Overview - Porto Alegre

Located on Lake Guaíba, Porto Alegre is the capital of and the largest city by population in Rio Grande do Sul. It has approximately 1,488,000 inhabitants in the city proper as of 2020. The Porto Alegre metropolitan area comprised 4,405,769 residents as of the 2020 IBGE census estimate.

Porto Alegre's rapid transit network consists of a metro service and a bus rapid transit line. There are multiple other BRT-Lite corridors in the city that are not covered on this website.

Porto Alegre Metro

Opened 1985, the Porto Alegre Metro consists of a metro services that serves the city of Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul and the northern suburbs. The airport people mover is also part of this network.

Line 1 (Linha 1)

Line 1 of the Porto Alegre Metro is a metro service on a North-South alignment. It runs from Mercado in the south to Novo Hamburgo in the north, serving 22 stations.

Line 1 was opened in March 1985 and the last extension to the line was to Novo Hamburgo in January 2014. Line 1 is operated by Empresa de Trens Urbanos de Porto Alegre (Trensurb).

ServiceM-F MiddayM-F RushSat.Sun.Notes
Linha 115'5-10'15'20'

Schedules -- Last Updated: Dec 03, 2021

BRT Corridors

Porto Alegre has a network of bus priority corridors, including a bus rapid transit line that serves the city of Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul and the eastern suburbs.

Av. Sertório

The Av. Sertório corridor is a bus rapid transit line on an East-West alignment. It runs from Pernambuco in the west to Rótula Dos Gaúchos in the east, serving 7 stations.

The Av. Sertório corridor was opened in 2000 and the last extension to the line was to Rótula Dos Gaúchos sometime between 2019-2021.

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