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Overview - Bremen Airport

Bremen Airport [de] (IATA: BRE; ICAO: EDDW) serves the city of Bremen.

Service to the city is provided through Airport (Flughafen) and Airport South (Flughafen-Süd) Stations, located on-site.

External Services

External services to Bremen are provided through Tram service.


The Bremen Tramway [de] serves the airport through Airport (Flughafen) Station and Airport South (Flughafen-Süd) Station, located at the airport terminal and air traffic control center, respectively. This stations were opened on May 23, 1998 as part of a new extension to the airport. A single service, Line 6, operates through these stations. As of September 2022, 8-9 trains operate an hour to the city center on weekdays off peak.

Connector Services

Bremen Airport has no connector service.

Internal Services

Bremen Airport has no internal service.

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Airport Website (English) | Airport Website (German)

Bremer Straßenbahn Website (German)

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