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Overview - Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (IATA: AMS; ICAO: EHAM) serves the city of Amsterdam and the region of the Randstad. Due to its intercity and high speed rail connections, it also serves most of the Netherlands as well as Brussels.

Service to the city and region is provided through Schiphol Airport station, located on-site.

External Services

External services to Amsterdam and the wider region are provided through Bus Rapid Transit, Regional Rail, and Intercity Rail.

Bus Rapid Transit

R-net serves the airport through Schiphol Airport station on the Zuidtangent, located at the airport terminal. R-net service began 2002. Multiple services (300, 397) operate through this station, though primarily towards Haarlem, Hoofddorp, and Nieuw-Vennep along the busway. As of July 2022, 6 buses operate an hour to Haarlem on weekdays off peak (300) and 4 buses operate an hour to Nieuw-Vennep on weekdays off peak (397).

Regional and Intercity Rail

Schiphol Station

Schiphol Station. Source: Wikimedia (April 11, 2012, Nikolai Karaneschev)/CC BY-SA 3.0

Nederlandse Spoorwegen and Thalys serve the airport through Schiphol Airport station on the Amsterdam–Schiphol Line and Weesp-Leiden Line, located at the airport terminal. This station was opened in December 21, 1978 on the surface and rebuilt underground with service starting in 1995. Multiple services operate through this station, including Intercity Direct high speed services, Thalys high speed services, Intercity services, and Sprinter regional rail services. Due to the sheer number of services and service patterns, we are unable to document them here, but most Intercity services run 1-2x per hour and Sprinter regional services run at least 2x per hour.

Connector Services

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol has no connector service.

Internal Services

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol has no internal service.

References & Helpful Links

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