What is the MRA Train Tracker?

The MRA Train Tracker is a tool built in order to visualize where trains are within a network in a way that is useful for understanding the flow of a transit network. Our aim with this tool is to provide an uncluttered way for riders and transit enthusiasts to see all the trains on a line or network in a way that blends control tower views and real-time positioning - the former of which is esoteric to the everyday user and the latter of which can be hard to read due to the natural geography of a city depending on the structure of the network. Note that our heavy abstraction and the disregard for geography in our maps does mean that this tool is NOT well suited for viewing bunching of vehicles and also means that we only provide an approximation of where vehicles are located. We will link to relevant resources for real-time positioning of vehicles within the tool's subpages.

All data is sourced from transit operators' GTFS streams containing real time train location data, and the trains are visualized on a custom diagrammatic map. We check for updates frequently in order to get the latest data.