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Overview - 010 Avonhattan Airways

Avonhattan Airways is proud to serve your intercity needs with our exceptional network of airports. We offer reliable and frequent service to towns and cities and connect our local, regional, intercity, and in the future, hub terminals with dedicated connecting people movers.

Design Methodology

In an attempt to do some experimental maps for extra challenge, I decided to do a rail ban map with airports for long distance travel. Knowing of the capacity constraints imposed by airplanes in the long run and also familiar with the maximum number of airports per city, I planned out a network with multiple airports per metropolitan area, using tramways for connecting the airports as if they were separate terminals.

Needless to say, this was another experiment that was fairly interesting at the start, but almost immediately became tedious. Incredibly tedious. Alarmingly tedious.

That being said, the map approach I used took OpenTTD's internal coordinate system and directly mapped the locations. This was a new innovation on my part (which would later inspire methodology for some Terraria maps and future OpenTTD infrastructure-focused maps). The system used in the map here also weights the raw distance between two airports against the number of services on the route to provide a visual indication of the frequency. The map did not last long enough for more than two terminals to become operational at any airports.

Last Updated: Mar 09, 2023