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Overview - 008 Fuerte Olimpo Transit

Thank you for riding with Fuerte Olimpo Transit. We are proud to offer a wonderful service with a maximum of a single transfer to get anywhere within your metropolitan area, using an innovative system of local services operating onto our busway network.

Our local services operate out of our hubs, typically located on the edge of cities. While not centrally located, they are typically located within growth range for the cities they are close to. Local services operate along the busway from terminals, then leave to serve local destinations. All-stop trunk services and Hub-Only express services exclusively use the busways for simple, reliable transportation.

Design Methodology

I told myself I would never do busways again, but here I am. This time I designed my stations in such a way that express services and local services could coexist - by building passing lanes into the stations themselves. I also came up with a number of options to have open busways with local services.

Except it all fell apart. Quickly. Town road networks were obviously connected to the busways, and therefore, they all attempted to build onto them. Junctions where I didn't want them began to appear, and I had to disable town building of roads in order to prevent towns from linking together express bypasses, etc. In addition, my 'hubs are located outside of cities and all local routes are based out of them' meant that many local routes became very long, and no amount of auto-separation was able to fix that. Express services also depended entirely on transfers because their only stops were often in the middle of nowhere.

...Now that I've thoroughly convinced myself that this is a bad idea, I am prepared to do this again. Well, no more open busways. And honestly, I should stop with intercity busways entirely. But ideas are brewing...

Last Updated: Apr 08, 2022