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Overview - 004 Trindston Transit

Welcome to the Northwest Reaches-Interlaken region! For the particularly observant, you may have noticed that the map on this page is not an image but is in fact a raw SVG map! From the inception of the Metro Route Atlas, using PNG images was preferred over raw SVG for multiple reasons - the primary one being to prevent easy theft of the maps and the secondary one being the incredible hassle associated with shoving an SVG map in HTML and ensuring that everything renders correctly across all browsers.

However, given that the maps are already being made in SVG... it seems like a wasted opportunity. One of the key benefits of SVG is that it can be interacted with. And so for the now-complete Trindston Transit map, we are embarking on a program to navigate the complicated web of routes - an interactive system whereby routes can be toggled on or off!

If this program is successful and proves to be useful, it may someday be retroactively applied to some of our existing maps on the Metro Route Atlas. We expect that in equally complex networks that are coming up

Last Updated: Jun 13, 2020