Investigations in whether or not I could find a cutoff point between rapid transit and light metro led me to compile an Excel spreadsheet of rolling stock.

Fields that are computed from others are in  chartreuse . The current sorting column is  salmon . You cannot sort by Line (doesn't make sense), Reference, or Notes.

Please note that service assignments for rolling stock may include historical data. The 'Max' fields refer to a full length train and is only different in cases when the platform has extra space for more cars than are actually used. If the value is 0, it is because we could not find any data on the platform length. Data sources round numbers differently and are inconsistent when it comes to driver cabs/couplers/etc. These differences are compounded when performing multiplicative calculations.

NOTE: We now use Rapid Transit (MCS variant) to denote Rapid Transit systems using heavy rail rolling stock in short (medium capacity) formations and Light Metro to denote Rapid Transit systems using light rail or people mover rolling stock in any formation.



*1 - Car Length data is for intermediate carriages, not the units on the ends of each train. We use this data for calculations because the driver cabin does not hold passengers.

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