General Color Notes

This page details the colors utilized on this website as provided by official sources, arranged by city. Only cities with published and easily accessible color schemes are listed here. This page is explicitly a data bank containing publicly available information. The contents of this page may become out of date at any time.

Note that not all cities will use the specific colors here - see the Asset Notes section of a given city's page for details.

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Source: MBTA Brand Guidelines (March 2021) [Accessed 2021 11 17]; Formerly MBTA Digital Style Guide [Accessed 2019 11 30]

Metro Route Atlas Status: In Use

Line NameHex/RGBPantoneCMYK
Blue Line#003DA5293 Bluec100 m76 y0 k9
Green Line#00843D348 Greenc100 m0 y54 k48
Orange Line#ED8B00144 Orangec0 m49 y100 k0
Red Line#DA291C485 Redc0 m81 y87 k15
Silver Line#7C878E430 Gray/Silverc50 m34 y27 k11
Bus Lines#FFC72C1235 Yellowc0 m28 y89 k0
Commuter Rail#80276C249 Purplec43 m100 y0 k17


Source: Our Trademarks & You / Branding [Accessed 2019 09 26]

Metro Route Atlas Status: In Use

Line NameHex/RGBPantoneCMYK
CTA Red Line#c60c30186C
CTA Blue Line#00a1de299C
CTA Brown Line#62361b161C
CTA Green Line#009b3a355C
CTA Orange Line#f9461c172C
CTA Purple Line#522398267C
CTA Pink Line#e27ea6204C
CTA Yellow Line#f9e300012C

New York City

Source: MTA Line Colors [Accessed 2019 08 24]

Metro Route Atlas Status: In Use

Line NameHex/RGBPantoneCMYK
NYC Subway IND 8 Av Line#0039A6286c100 m56
NYC Subway IND 6 Av Line#FF6319165m60 y100
NYC Subway IND Crosstown Line#6CBE45376c56 y100
NYC Subway BMT Jamaica Line#996633154m43 y100 k34
NYC Subway BMT Canarsie Line#A7A9AC50% Blackk50
NYC Subway BMT Broadway Line#FCCC0A116m15 y94
NYC Subway Shuttle Lines#80818370% Blackk70
NYC Subway IRT Broadway-7 Av Line#EE352E185m91 y76
NYC Subway IRT Lexington Av Line#00933C355c100 y91 6k
NYC Subway IRT Flushing Line#B933ADPurplec43 m91
LIRR Babylon Branch#00985F340c100 m11 y83 k1
LIRR Belmont Branch#60269E267c77 m9
LIRR City Terminal Zone#4D5357445c69 m56 y53 k31
LIRR Far Rockaway Branch#6E3219168c35 m80 y96 k43
LIRR Hempstead Branch#CE8E00131c17 m46 y100 k2
LIRR Long Beach Branch#FF6319165m75 y96
LIRR Montauk Branch#006983315c100 m46 y37 k12
LIRR Oyster Bay Branch#00AF3F354c95 y100
LIRR Port Jefferson Branch#0039A6286c100 m56
LIRR Port Washington Branch#C60C30186c13 m100 y90 k4
LIRR Ronkonkoma Branch#A626AA253c41 m92
LIRR West Hempstead Branch#00A1DE 299c84 m17
MNR Harlem Line#0039A6286c100 m56
MNR Hudson Line#009B3A355c100 y91 k6
MNR New Haven Line#EE0034185m91 y76
MNR Pascack Valley Line#8E258D513c49 m91
MNR Port Jervis Line#FF7900151m65 y100


Source: Getting to know the ST brand [Accessed 2021 10 02]

Metro Route Atlas Status: In use as of October 2, 2021 (Date of Branding implementation)

Line NameHex/RGBPantoneCMYK
Link 1 Line#3DAE2B/rgb(61, 174, 43)361 Cc71 m4 y100 k0
Link 2 Line#00A0DF/rgb(0, 160, 223)229 Cc81 m18 y0 k0
Link 3 Line#ED40A9/rgb(237, 64, 169)232 Cc6 m85 y0 k0
Link 4 Line#B14FC5/rgb(177, 79, 197)2682 Cc42 m78 y0 k0
Link T Line#F38B00/rgb(243, 139, 0)144 Cc2 m55 y100 k0
Stride S1, S2, S3 Lines#EBA900/rgb(236, 169, 0)124 Cc7 m36 y100 k0
Sounder N, S Lines#9AB6D3/rgb(153, 182, 211)644 Cc39 m20 y7 k0


Source: GO Design and Requirements Manual (GO-DRM-STD-2017-Rev2) [Accessed 2020 11 22]

Metro Route Atlas Status: In Use

Line NameHex/RGBPantoneCMYK

Source: Toronto Transit Commission Signage Manual and Standards (September 10, 2014) [Accessed 2020 12 06]

Metro Route Atlas Status: In Use

Line NameHex/RGBPantoneCMYK
TTC Red (Surface Routes)rgb(218, 37, 29)185c0 m100 y100 k0
Line 1 (YUS Yellow)rgb(248, 195, 0)123c0 m20 y100 k0
Line 2 (BD Green)rgb(0, 146, 63)347c100 m0 y100 k0
Line 3 (Accessible Blue)rgb(0, 130, 201)285c100 m15 y0 k0
Line 4 (Sheppard Raspberry)rgb(162, 26, 104)220c10 m100 y0 k20
Line 5 (Eglinton Orange)rgb(231, 120, 23)165c0 m60 y100 k0
Line 6 (Finch West Grey)rgb(150, 149, 148)423c0 m0 y0 k40
Line 7rgb(139, 202, 152)352c35 m0 y45 k40

Washington DC

Source: Metro Brand and Style Guidelines [Accessed 2019 09 26]

Metro Route Atlas Status: Not In Use (Note: These colors are not the colors used on the map)

Line NameHex/RGBPantoneCMYK
WMATA Red Line#BF0D3E 193cc2 m99 y62 k11
WMATA Orange Line#ED8B00 144cm51 y100
WMATA Blue Line#009CDE 2925cc85 m21
WMATA Green Line#00B140 354cc81 y92
WMATA Yellow Line#FFD100 109cm9 y100
WMATA Silver Line#919D9D 443cc33 m12 y18 k30