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Located on the Salado River west of the Laguna Setubal, Santa Fe (Santa Fe de la Vera Cruz) is the capital of and the second largest city by population in Santa Fe Province. It has approximately 391,000 inhabitants in the city proper as of 2010. The Santa Fe metropolitan area comprised 653,073 residents as of the 2010 INDEC census estimate.

Santa Fe's rapid transit network consists of a bus rapid transit open busway.

Metrobús Santa Fe

Opened 2017, Metrobús Santa Fe consists of a bus rapid transit open busway that serves the city of Santa Fe, Argentina and the surrounding suburbs.

Blas Parera

Metrobús Santa Fe is a bus rapid transit open busway on a North-South alignment. It runs from Fray Cayetano Rodríguez in the south to Av Teniente Loza in the north, serving 15 stations along Av. Blas Parera.

Metrobús Santa Fe was opened in May 2017.

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