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Overview - Gatineau

Located on the Ottawa and Gatineau Rivers across from Ottawa, Gatineau is a city in the Outaouais Region of Quebec. It has approximately 276,000 inhabitants in the city proper as of 2016. The Ottawa-Gatineau metropolitan area comprised 1,323,783 residents as of the Canada 2016 Census.

Gatineau's rapid transit network consists of a bus rapid transit line.


Opened 2013, Rapibus consists of a single bus rapid transit line that serves the city of Gatineau, Quebec and the surrounding suburbs.


Rapibus is a bus rapid transit line on an East-West alignment. It runs from Taché-UQO in the west to Lorrain in the east, serving 12 stations.

Rapibus was opened in October 2013 and the last extension was to Lorrain in August 2023.

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Rapibus at Wikipedia

Official Website for Rapibus: Société de transport de l'Outaouais


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Rapibus colors taken from icon on official website as of October 2020.

Last Updated: Aug 28, 2023

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2020 11 v1 - 2023 08 v1: + Opening: Gatineau Rapibus Lorrain Extension | x Closure: West Transitway (entirety), Southwest Transitway (Iris-Baseline), Central Transitway (excluding temporary busway east of Dominion) | ! Addition: Lines 3 and 4 including current colors and station names | ! Adjustment: Map Template Change and O-Train colors for Lines 1 and 2