Av. Garzon

Source: Comparative Case Studies of Three IDB-supported Urban Transport Projects - Montevideo Case Study Annex, Inter-American Development Bank Office of Evaluation and Oversight, June 2015

Please note that the following scores are not present in the published ITDP score list and/or may come from an independent third party.

BRT Standard Version: 2013

2013 Standard Minimum Requirements:

  • At least 4km length with dedicated lanes
  • Score 4 or more points in dedicated right-of-way element
  • Score 4 or more points in busway alignment element
  • Score 18 or more points across all five BRT Basics elements

2013: Bronze (55-69) - Silver (70-84) - Gold (85-100)

Design Score

BRT Basics15/33
Busway alignment7/7
Dedicated right-of-way7/7
Off-board fare collection0/7
Intersection treatments1/6
Platform-level boarding0/6
Service Planning15/24
Multiple routes4/4
Peak frequency3/3
Off-peak frequency2/2
Express, limited, and local services3/3
Control center1/3
Located in top ten corridors0/2
Hours of operations2/2
Demand profile0/3
Multi-corridor network0/2
Passing lanes at stations0/4
Minimizing bus emissions0/3
Stations set back from intersections0/3
Center stations0/2
Pavement quality2/2
Station Design and Station-Bus Interface5/10
Distances between stations2/2
Safe and comfortable stations1/3
Number of doors on bus1/3
Docking bays and sub-stops1/1
Sliding doors in BRT stations0/1
Quality of Service & Passenger Information Systems0/5
Passenger information0/2
Integration and Access5/14
Universal access0/3
Integration with other public transport3/3
Pedestrian access2/3
Secure bicycle parking0/2
Bicycle lanes0/2
Bicycle-sharing integration0/1
Total Score42/100

Point Deductions

Point Deductions-2/-36
Commercial speeds0/-10
Peak passengers per hour per direction (pphpd) below 1,0000/-5
Lack of enforcement of right-of-way0/-5
Significant gap between bus floor and station platform0/-5
Poorly-maintained busway, buses, stations, and technology systems-2/-8


Final Score: 40

Final Ranking: Not BRT